Flirt Cafe bar - lunch, breakfast, dinner, coffee in Bournemouth

Who does it?

The team

At Flirt Café Bar, you are served by the Flirters. That makes you the Flirtee.

Rather like if you wave at someone, you are the Waver and the person you wave at is the Wavee.

So who are The Flirters? A Happy Throng, a Cheerful Bunch, a Jolly Gang. They are hand-picked, house-trained and are kind to animals.

Check out below for their Lovely Faces and read the touching biographies about each one.

You'll love them like they love you. Love you more.

No, YOU hang up the phone first. Go on. You didn't, did you? OK, let's do it at the same time.....

The Flirter Files

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Lukas Flirter Piers Flirter Ashley Flirter Sara Flirter Sam Flirter Leanne Flirter Grace Flirter Lisa Flirter Miguel Flirter Jake Flirter Kitty Flirter Kerry Flirter Megan Flirter Juan Flirter Sian Flirter Archie Flirter