Flirt Cafe bar

We are more than a Snack Bar. We are less than a Restaurant. We are Flirt.

Take a scroll down Web Page Lane. We fill tummies & quench thirsts.

Then come in. Be filled. Be quenched.

Kettle's on.

Weekend Brunch Buffets. Special Night Food after 6pm.

Our sandwiches are made with M&S Bread. Our Paninis are Sesame-Seed coated and right tasty.

Chips, or Sweet Potato Fries for posh people. And Cheesy Chips. With Gravy. Or Katsu Curry.

Proper Jacket Potatoes. Wraps. Baps. Piled-up Nachos. Salads. Homemade Soup. Miso Soup.

Waffles. Cakes. Puddings. Ice Creams.

Milkshakes. Smoothies. Bubble Teas.

Beers. Ales. Ciders. Lashings of Ginger Beer. Wines.

Et cetera.

End of. You'll just have to come in.